77 seven

i read your letter it seems as if youre never coming home how could i blame you if i could fix it i'd set the clock back and turn off the phone but thats all wrong its too late to forgive you you'll never live to see me be that kind would your judge and your jury change in a hurry if i could change my mind but ya know i wont i'm so sick and tired of feeling on the outside i knew that you lied and you were screaming from the inside and now you lost a part of me and i'm so sick and tired a million lifetimes and still we struggle just to face the truth a million ways we keep pretending we're fucked up good lookin and bullet proof but thats so old did you think you could reach me who'd ever teach me to read between those lines did ya look back and hate it try to negate it you waited your whole life and now its gone

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